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  1. The curriculum plan unifies three main development characteristic of the department: The network management (information of science and technology), the system business conformity (information management system), digital study (information application), and strengthens the student foundation mathematical ability by the measurement science, as follows. Information science and technology: The curriculum contains the information network, the object-oriented program design and the system analysis and so on; we expect the student can study the newest information technology to promote their competitive power after graduation.
  2. Information management system: The curriculum contains the business and manufactures integrated system, the database management with practice and advance, the production management, the sale and inventory management, the business case study and the application, the enterprise resource management,   the decision-making support system and so on. These courses are aimed to let the student understand how utilizes the information and the technical tools, and also provide the decision-making and operation ability for business and government.
  3. Information application: The curriculum contains multimedia designs, digital content study, the animation design, digital photographic editing and so on. Several studies at present are the national key develop industries and are considered as the next star industries in the Internet application as well.
  4. Quantitative science: The curriculum contains the operation research, statistics and discrete mathematics, the data-mining, the algorithm, the artificial intelligence and so on. The goal is to train the students’ foundation mathematical and logical ability. Through the solid training, several students had admitted to the national graduate school for a master degree or doctoral program over the years.

The curriculum direction has slight differences with the postgraduate school and the continuing education. The primary purpose of the postgraduate school is to develop students with information science and technology ability. The continuing education is for the purpose of raising the student information management system and the information application.

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