* Features

  1. Integration of related domain knowledge and theories.
    Combine the theories of Computer Science and Management Science.  Create competitive advantages for students by using Information Technology efficiently.
  2. Develop and manage information systems.
  3. Train  students to be acquaint with the development process of information systems.

    Foster students’ abilities of system analysis and programming.  Provide excellent learning environment for planning, risk evaluation and performance evaluation of information systems for students in order to provide the biggest economic benefit in the organization after graduation.
  4. Database and multimedia.

    Provide the practical learning of common adoption DBMS (eg. SQL Server, Oracle and MySql )in the industry.  Combine with network database and multimedia courses for students to get better employment opportunities.
  5. Technique of network management.

    Our department boost "network employment elite courses" in 1993 academic years.  Through combination with industry practical training, promote students’ professional abilities of network management and securities.  to manage in the network and the professional ability on the network security.

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